Welcome! Ready to move forward?

Taking the first step towards healing is not always easy. It’s okay to have some help along the way! Through a compassionate and collaborative approach, I integrate targeted and effective treatment modalities to help clients resolve traumatic stress, find emotional wellness, increase performance, and regain passion and motivation following difficult experiences.

Suffering (or witnessing) a sports-related trauma can be devastating. Pursuing our passions makes us who we are. Even in the best of circumstances, things sometimes go wrong. These experiences can affect us deeply in ways we do not expect. Often, it’s hard to talk about, and even harder to ask for help.

We find ourselves stuck and unsure how to move forward.

Maybe you:

  • survived an accident
  • suffered an injury
  • experienced a loss
  • witnessed a traumatic event, injury, or death
  • are struggling with a lost sense of self
  • or are experiencing blockages in your performance

Whatever you’ve been through, I can help. We will navigate it together.

Depression, anxiety, fear, avoidance, shame, helplessness, guilt, and even anger, are all normal emotional responses following a traumatic experience. These feelings can be powerful and isolating, and you don’t have to manage them alone.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free consultation to ask me any questions, or hear more about what I do and how I can help.


As a climber and overall adventure-sports enthusiast, I have been in love with the the mountains and all they have to offer since I first moved to Boulder over 14 years ago. During this time, I have witnessed friends suffer life-altering injuries, heard of many deaths in our outdoor community, and have experienced more high-risk situations in the backcountry than I am comfortable with. I get it.

I began Alpine Psychotherapy as a way to integrate my personal passions with my clinical experience, so that I can help others in my community heal, from regaining emotional wellness to rediscovering their passions.