Getting the therapy ball rolling can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Knowing what to expect can make it easier. Here is what you can expect when you reach out to me:

Initial Phone Call

In our free 15 minute consultation phone call, I will first ask you some questions to gather basic information about what you might want to work on in therapy, and some of your hopes and expectations around this. I will then share with you a bit about my practice and how I see clients, and I will share my fee structure. Then, you will be able to ask me any questions you might have. At the end of our phone call, you will be able to schedule an appointment if it feels like a good fit. Schedule a free phone consultation here!

Our First Session

When we first meet, we will talk a bit so that I can get to know you. I will ask you questions to gather some background information, and we will discuss what you would like to work on and create goals for your therapy. We may also talk about how we can work to meet your goals in the most comfortable and effective way. I will answer any questions you may have about the therapy process, so that you can leave the first session feeling comfortable and informed. 

Ongoing Treatment

I schedule weekly sessions with clients, where we may engage in a mix of brain-body based therapy (EMDR/Brainspotting) and talk therapies. Each session we will check in on progress and barriers, and continue working towards goals.