COVID-19 Update: Welcome! Are you feeling overwhelmed, extra stressed, depressed, anxious, or scared? I hear you. In a short time, our world has changed a lot, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s all that different. We all have unique experiences- new roles at home, losing work, working on the front line, losing connection and routine, surviving illness, or facing loss. I am a trauma therapist, focused on helping you navigate emotional distress, whether related or unrelated to Covid-19. I am committed to providing a safe space for you to show up, however you may be feeling. You are not alone in this. Together, we will work through it.

Welcome. Ready to move forward?

You deserve to feel better! We all experience trying or difficult situations at times throughout our lives. These experiences can test our ability to cope, and keep us feeling stuck. Depression, fear and anxiety, avoidance, anger, and feeling unsafe, are common responses to tough situations. Still they can uproot our world, and leave us feeling overwhelmed. As a trauma- focused therapist, my goal is to help you find relief, heal traumatic stress, and regain emotional wellness. You can feel better. I can help. Through a compassionate and collaborative approach, I utilize targeted and effective treatment modalities to help you heal. We will navigate it together.

My specialities include resolving single incident trauma, family of origin trauma and attachment, loss, sports-related distress, and increasing sports performance. Learn more about my specialties here.

What you can expect from me, as a therapist:

You can expect me to be your co-pilot in therapy. You can expect me to listen to you, and hear you. You can expect me to provide a safe place for you to show up, however you are in any given moment, without judgement. You can expect me to challenge you at times, if and when you feel safe enough for me to do so. You can expect me respect you and your process, because this is your life and your story, and it is my privilege to hold it with you. Learn more about what to expect when getting started here.

Contact me to schedule a free consultation, ask me any questions you might have, or hear more about what I do and how I can help.

For Athletes:

For athletes, trauma can come from a number of experiences, including previous injuries, losses, challenging coaches, witness to injury in others, close calls in the backcountry, etc. Sometimes, we are able to process these experiences and cope with little difficulty. Other times, these experiences can affect us deeply in ways we do not expect. Often, it’s hard to talk about and even harder to ask for help.

We find ourselves stuck and unsure how to move forward.

Maybe you:

  • survived an accident
  • suffered an injury
  • experienced a loss
  • witnessed a traumatic event, injury, or death
  • are struggling with a lost sense of self
  • or are experiencing blockages in your performance


As a climber and overall adventure-sports enthusiast, I have been in love with the the mountains and all they have to offer since I first moved to Boulder over 14 years ago. During this time, I see how much trauma is in our community as a result of loss, risk, and close-calls. It is my mission to increase awareness and decrease the stigma around mental health and emotional wellness in our community.

I began Alpine Psychotherapy as a way to integrate my personal passions with my clinical experience, so that I can help others in my community heal, from regaining emotional wellness to rediscovering their passions and increasing performance.